• Thomas and friends fan 1 foever

    it is

    thomas vs spencer

    percy vs salty

    james vs donald

    edward vs dougles 

    arry vs henry

    bert vs duck

    mavis vs gordon

    toby vs diesel

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  • MikeandRex11

    Diesel Engines

    March 20, 2015 by MikeandRex11

    The amount of Diesels to Steam Engines made by Bachmann is greatly uneven.

    Would you like more Diesels made by Bachmann? Personally, I would. There are many good Diesel characters in the series and they would all look amazing in model forms.

    Too many steam engines are manufactured, even though I know most people prefer steam over Diesel. But I'd prefer Paxton, Den, and Dart over Oliver.

    What Diesel do you think Bachmann should make?

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  • ThomasTheAussieEngine

    Hello there people, I know I'm rather late for this, but I'll say it anyway. This Wiki now has an official Chatroom, or "Chat" for short. For those who don't know, the Chatroom is exactly that, a place you and some other people go to and talk to one another. While it can be fun and exciting when you first to enter Chat, you must remember that the Chat is something that needs to be taken seriously. Anything can happen in Chat, Someone could be swearing, insulting someone and could even be posting inappropriate links. That is why We need more registered users, users that could report inappropriate things in Chat to the Admins, there's also a position in the Staff called a Chat Moderator, or "Chat Mod" for short. If a registered User could sp…

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  • ThomasTheAussieEngine

    Hello all, I'm here to tell you all something that needs to be remembered. In the Past, there have been Users who have "asked Bachmann" to release *Insert Character name here* on this Wiki. Well, I'm sorry to burst all your bubbles but, this Wiki is not owned by Bachmann. Yes, that's right, It's run by Me and another Semi-Active Admin. So, I don't want anymore "Bachmann release this!" or "Bachmann release that!" nonsense, it's basically spam and we don't tolarate spam at all. So, all of this has to stop, anyone who continues this behaviour will be consided a Spammer and will be Blocked.

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  • ThomasTheAussieEngine

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since our wikis one and only Admin "Dart the diesel" was here, so I decided something must be done to make sure our wiki is up to date. A friend of mine on the Thomas The Tank Engine wiki suggested I should ask for an admin promotion on the community central Wikia, so I did and I am waiting for a reply. So there is a lot to do now, delete unneeded pages, upload more High Res pictures and so on. It might not be easy, so that's why I'm encouraging any unregistered contributors to please register, it's free and once you do, you are able to post pictures on articles. And maybe, just maybe, if your a useful enough user, you could get an admin promotion. So, there you are, if my Request is granted, I could be t…

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