Mavis is a female tramway quarry Diesel. She works at Ffarquhar Quarry and likes to rearrange trucks into different sidings.

Released: 2008
Availablity: Available


When Mavis first arrived on Sodor, she does not take kindly to Toby's advice and ended up got stuck on a Level Crossing due to icy rails and Toby had to help her. But Mavis redeemed herself after saving Toby from a collapsing bridge and continues to work at Ffarquhar Quarry. Although Mavis likes working at the quarry, she also loves to see the rest of the Island of Sodor, so whenever a large train of stone trucks is too much for one engine, Mavis always offer to help and gets to see the rest of the Island, especially the seaside.


  • HO Scale


  • She was the first Diesel engine that Bachmann produced for their Thomas & Friends range.
  • An early prototype image depicts her model's paintwork as being light grey.