Slate Wagons
Product Number (No Number): 58601
Product Number (101): 58602
Product Number (164): 58603

The Slate Wagons are a Narrow Gauge Wagon used for carrying slate from various quarries, particularly the Blue Mountain Quarry, along the Skarloey Railway or to be transferred to standard gauge trucks.


  • HO scale model that runs on N Scale track. Bachmann sells this under HOn30 Scale.
  • In three versions, one numbered '164', and one '101', and the final one is unnumbered.


  • They are based on the wooden 2-bar slate wagons used on the Talyllyn Railway. 
  • All three slate wagons come with a removable slate load.
  • Bachmann used the tooling of this wagon for their UK range, Bachmann Branchline, and released them (all unnumbered) in a weathered 3 pack.