Released: 2006
Availability: Available

Spencer is a silver A4 Pacific engine, one of the fastest steam engines in the world.


Spencer is the Duke and Dutchess of Boxford's Private Engine, He works on the Other Railway, but sometimes visits Sodor. On his first day, He got stuck on Godon's Hill due to not filling up on water. He has a rivalry with Gordon.


  • HO Scale


  • Spencer's Prototype had no front buffers, white lamp irons and front dummy coupling hook. The production model however has them added.
  • The overall shape of Spencer isn't very accurate when compared to a real A4 Pacific.
    • Because of the placement of the eye mechanism, Spencer's boiler appears thinner and taller than what an actual A4 Pacific would look like.
    • Spencer's footplate flattens out at the cab, unlike the TV Series Model and a real A4 Pacific that doesn't at all.


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