HO Scale Released: 2002
G Scale Released: 2009
Availability: Available

Thomas is a cheeky tank engine who is best friends with Percy.


Thomas is the No. 1 blue engine, and the first one to help build the railway. For a while, Thomas just acted as a station pilot, but then got his own branch line after rescuing James from an accident. Thomas is often very cheeky and loves to play tricks on the other engines.


  • HO Scale (Normal, Sound fitted, Christmas Edition, "Celebration" Edition)
  • G/Large Scale (Normal and Christmas Edition)


  • Thomas' HO Scale model has grey dummy coupling hooks. However, his HO sound fitted and G scale models gains black ones.
  • Thomas, James and Percy are the only models produced by Bachmann that lack front coupling hooks.
  • Thomas, Percy and James' HO Scale models' faces are based off those seen in Promotional Art instead of the TV Series.
  • Thomas has the largest number of sets dedicated to him.
  • Thomas is the only engine to have a Christmas edition.
  • Thomas' 70th Anniversary "Celebration" model features metallic paintwork, due to this, his model has a metallic blue running board.
  • The design and mold of Thomas's HO Scale model has actually been reused for other model trains too, (just regular real trains that are faceless), such as a Bachmann Puffing Billy Train Set, and a Hornby Collector's Club train.