Here at the Thomas Bachmann Wiki, we strive to make sure all information is up to date and user-friendly, so if your registered or not, please abide ALL of the following rules and guidelines:

General Rules

1. As per Wikia Guidelines and US Federal Law, You must be at least 13 years old to register an account here. If anyone is found under the age limit, they will be banned.

2. Absolutely no bashing on Bachmann or Thomas & Friends. (Examples: Thomas is for babies, Bachmann is terrible for not making Murdoch)

3. No profanity or swearing, any shape or form. (Things like "@!?&" also count as profanity)

4. If you want to edit someone's user page, ask the user for permission.

5. Don't "Mini-Mod" (Tell people what to do). If somebody is breaking the rules, tell an admin.

6. Don't create multiple accounts after being banned, if anyone is found out using multiple accounts, they will be banned forever.

7. Do not harass users purposely, this may cause the harassed user to become a spammer or vandal.

8. No vandalism whatsoever.

9. If you believe in a religion, you may state it in your user page, but don't argue with other users about it.

Image Rules

1. All images must relate to Thomas Models produced by Bachmann.

2. When uploading images, don't leave spaces in their names.

3. Make sure the names of images have no spelling errors.

4. When uploading images of HO Scale Engines or Rolling Stock, name them like this:"BachmannThomas", "HOScaleThomas" or simply "Thomas".

5. When uploading images of G Scale Rolling Stock or Engines, name them like this:"GScaleThomas", or "LargeScaleThomas".

6. When uploading images of HO Scale Engines and Rolling Stock in current styled packaging, name them like this:"BachmannThomasBox", "HOScaleThomasBox" or "ThomasBox".

7. When uploading images of G/Large Scale Engine and Rolling Stock in packaging, name them like this:"LargeScaleThomasBox" or "GScaleThomasBox".

8. When uploading images of HO Scale Engines and Rolling Stock in original styled packaging, name them like this:"OriginalThomasBox" or "ThomasOriginalBox".

9. Do not name images with random gibberish such as "jdnejeshsssj$:/73-'3737}%£?js"

10. Don't upload images that have been edited, however, you may still used edited images for avatar pictures.

11. Don't upload any nude or other disgusting images.

Message Wall/Article Comments Rules

1. Comments should be used for discussions about the article.

2. Make sure your comment or message has correct spelling and punctuation.

3. Off topic discussions are not allowed on Article Comments or Message Walls.

4. Only vandalism, profanities, broken links and off topic discussions should be removed for talk pages.

5. Don't leave messages on your on talk page, it is considered spam by many wikis, and it is here.

6. Message walls should be used for brief conversations only.

7. No answering messages that aren't for you.

Blog Posts Rules

1. All blog posts may pertain to Thomas & Friends or Bachmann.

2. Nothing personal or pointless should be considered a blog post. (Examples: Games, Number of edits you have, spam, polls that have nothing to do with Thomas or Bachmann)

3. All blog post comments must stay on the topic of the blog post.

4. Since wikis aren't meant to be blogging sites, all users are only allowed to post four blog posts a week at the most.

5. No fan-factions on any type of blog.

6. All blog posts must contain at least six sentances, lists do not count.

7. Blog posts are only aloud under the category of the same name.

Chat Rules

1. Abide by all general rules stated above.

2. While not absolutely necessary, users should limit any topics that aren't about Bachmann, Thomas & Friends or Real Trains.

3. If anything inappropriate is said in Chat, notify an admin, don't try to sort it out yourself.

Staff Rules

1. All Admins must give users who break the rules 3 "Warnings". If a user continues failing to follow the rules, they will be blocked for a certain amount of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This rule doesn't apply to users who vandalise, use profanities or upload disgusting images.

2. If any user is granted an admin promotion, all active admins must agree on the candidate.

3. A staff member is considered "inactive" if he/she has been inactive for more than 3 months.

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