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Commonly revered to as "Jeff" by His friends on the TTTE Wiki, Jeff is one of our two currently active admins. He discovered this Wiki by accident while looking for some information regarding Bachmann's 2014 products back in May. He was very surprised to find the wiki had no active admins, so He decided to make some contributions by adding high quality pictures to articles. But he discovered he was going to need backup to bring this wiki back on track. Using the TTTE Wiki Chatbox, he managed get the word out to several users, then he discovered Adoption. He sent an adoption request to Wikia in June, and several days later he received Bureaucrat rights and has been working this wiki to a brighter future ever since. He also has a Youtube Account were He posts Model Railway and Steam Train videos.


Commonly known across a few wikis, and often called "Don", Don is one of our two currently active admins. He discovered the wiki back in 2013 and decided to help out by deleting spam, but unfortunately no Bureaucrats could give him rights, so he eventually forgot about it. Don remembered the wiki again when Jeff got his Bureaucrat rights and adopted the wiki. Jeff gave Don Bureaucrat rights too, so now the team are now trying to make the wiki a better place, and not a spam heaven. Don isn't on as often as Jeff though, because he's often on other wikis, but tries to help out whenever he can.

Dart the diesel (Inactive)

Very little is know about Dart, other than the fact that he was the wiki's founder. He is no longer active.