Hi everyone, It's been a long time since our wikis one and only Admin "Dart the diesel" was here, so I decided something must be done to make sure our wiki is up to date. A friend of mine on the Thomas The Tank Engine wiki suggested I should ask for an admin promotion on the community central Wikia, so I did and I am waiting for a reply. So there is a lot to do now, delete unneeded pages, upload more High Res pictures and so on. It might not be easy, so that's why I'm encouraging any unregistered contributors to please register, it's free and once you do, you are able to post pictures on articles. And maybe, just maybe, if your a useful enough user, you could get an admin promotion. So, there you are, if my Request is granted, I could be the next admin, now post your supportive comments below, and don't to comment if you approve of this.

UPDATE 7/6/14: I have been promoted to Bureaucrat, and so has DonaldDouglasandToby6 as he has proven to be a very useful contributor and a good friend. We hope to have a full set rules and guidelines up soon, and up to date infomation.

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