Hello there people, I know I'm rather late for this, but I'll say it anyway. This Wiki now has an official Chatroom, or "Chat" for short. For those who don't know, the Chatroom is exactly that, a place you and some other people go to and talk to one another. While it can be fun and exciting when you first to enter Chat, you must remember that the Chat is something that needs to be taken seriously. Anything can happen in Chat, Someone could be swearing, insulting someone and could even be posting inappropriate links. That is why We need more registered users, users that could report inappropriate things in Chat to the Admins, there's also a position in the Staff called a Chat Moderator, or "Chat Mod" for short. If a registered User could spend long times in Chat and report trouble in the Chat, they would be eligible to be become a Chat Mod. So before you go into the Chat, please go over our Chat Rules:

Chat Rules

1. Abide by all general rules stated above.

2. While not absolutely necessary, users should limit any topics that aren't about Bachmann, Thomas & Friends or Real Trains.

3. If anything inappropriate is said in Chat, notify an admin, don't try to sort it out yourself.

And one more thing, you must be a REGISTERED user to enter the Chat. So if you're an unregistered user or a "Wikia Contributor", you have to create an account to get into Chat, don't worry it's totally free!

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